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Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Ltd will not exchange, sell or pass on your personal particulars or the particulars of parties involved in any transaction to any other entity outside of the Tokio Marine group of companies or their assigns for their use in marketing or solicitation.

Details of any transaction will however be made known to the insurance intermediary (if any) currently handling your account.

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Ltd. may from time to time provide information about our clients, patterns of purchase and other related information, usually in aggregated statistical form to governmental regulatory agencies when directed or to entities which may regulate and govern the insurance industry in Singapore and none other.

Tokio Marine Life Insurance Singapore Ltd. however does not control nor will it be held accountable for the activities of any third party, such as ISPs, web-hosting companies, search engines, portals, telecommunication companies etc. which may play a part in you reaching our website. You may wish to check the privacy statements of these companies independently.
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